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About Ira Smolev

A savvy businessman with more than 30 years of experience in the technology, media, and marketing industries, Ira Smolev has spent the last decade as an investor in a variety of sectors, including imports, real estate, product development, and the Internet. Smolev has been a principal investor in Presser Direct LLC, a manufacturer and distributor of an array of products, including humidifiers and air filters. Prior to his investing activity, Ira Smolev operated his own media and marketing business.

Entrepreneurially minded Smolev started his media and marketing firm in 1974 by purchasing remnant advertising space and freestanding insert companies and then selling the ad space to print clients—using any unsold space to market his own products. A decade later, Ira Smolev expanded the business and acquired dark time and unsold program slots on a variety of cable television networks, such as Black Entertainment, Lifetime, American Movie Classics, and Discovery Network. He also bought Sunday morning time slots of popular television ministries. By 1991, he had sold both the marketing firm and the media business and relocated to Florida.

Ira Smolev was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He attended the City College of New York after transferring from Brooklyn College. Graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Smolev balanced his studies with sports, including a spot on the basketball team; his participation contributed to the school winning All City Honors. Following his college years, Smolev played for Group Productions in the Amateur Athletic Union Leagues. Three times he and his team played in the National Championship game in Denver; Ira Smolev earned recognition for his talent and skills as an All Star for three consecutive years.

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