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Tips for Television Advertisers

February 4, 2014

An entrepreneur and investor, Ira Smolev founded a media and marketing company in 1974. For 17 years, Ira Smolev bought and sold commercial time on more than 40 local and national channels, including such popular networks as the Discovery Network, Lifetime, and American Movie Classics.

To effectively advertise on television, it is important to first understand that an average viewer needs to see a particular commercial between six and eight times before the message becomes memorable. This is crucial information for several reasons; first, it means that a purchase of one television spot is unlikely to be effective. In addition, for a viewer to see the same commercial multiple times, that commercial should appear in the same or related time block or during a related program. For example, an advertising message that airs at 10:00 a.m. during a children’s cartoon show is unlikely to reach the same audience as a commercial seen during a late-night talk show.

To identify the best slot or time block for a particular message, advertisers should first consider their target audience. The age bracket is a wise place to start. Businesses should also take into account the purchasing patterns of their customer base; for example, companies that experience the heaviest traffic on weekends may choose to advertise on Friday or Saturday. Those businesses can then contact stations or agencies to determine a package, a schedule, and the rate.


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