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Analyzing the Results of a Database Marketing Promotion

August 8, 2013

After attending Brooklyn College and graduating from City College of New York, Ira Smolev began working at IBM as a systems engineer. He was responsible for installing the first IBM 360 computer. Ira Smolev eventually went on to become an executive at Automated Marketing Systems, Inc., a direct response database-marketing company. Database marketing allows marketers to measure and analyze the results of particular marketing programs. Understanding how to analyze the results of a marketing program helps professionals develop future programs that deliver a greater return on investment.

An important element of analysis is asking the right questions. Asking the right questions allows the marketing team to comprehend the data in a useful manner. Inquiries revolving around business results, customer behavior, and promotion performance should all be made. Analysis should take place to determine the amount of profit generated, the demographic that responded most favorably, and the cost of the program. Using the knowledge gained from analysis helps future programs perform better.


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