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Ira Smolev: A Short History of the IBM 360 Series

February 21, 2013

Although computers have been of use to businesses since the mid-20th century, they existed in a very different form prior to the technological revolution of the 1980s through today. Early computers were not standardized and were often modified for particular customers. The IBM 360 series, introduced in 1964, brought some standardization to computer sales and manufacture. The Model 91 was billed as the fastest computer of the time and was able to perform 200 billion calculations daily.

These computers were made available in a number of different ranges, from lower-end systems used for specialized applications to higher-end, more versatile machines. This practice allowed customers to purchase smaller systems with the understanding they could purchase more complete ones at a later date. As with other computers of the time, IBM 360 series machines were very large and required entire rooms for storage and use. Today, there are few of these computers still in existence and none are operational.

About Ira Smolev: A graduate of the City College of New York, Ira Smolev is a business professional with decades of experience in a variety of fields. At the start of his career, Smolev installed the first consumer IBM 360 and created a conversion utility from older IBM series 1400 computers.


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