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Main Features of Marketing through Automated Systems By Ira Smolev

October 2, 2012

In every industry, there are software solutions that offer management efficiency for any company’s various functions. Whether for monitoring assets, products, supply chain, or any other number of needs, the list is endless. Any company that depends on marketing needs to look at a system that provides important information for maintenance or growth.

The five areas that need to be carefully considered when reviewing automated marketing programs are:

1. Database connectivity: Data collection, whether from several databases or one, needs to effectively target information that will create successful campaigns.

2. Profiling: Determining customers’ attributes allows for categorization that enhances analyses and planning.

3. Embedded reporting marketing: How is the information presented to the marketing team? Reports need to be quickly comprehended.

4. Campaign optimization: Do the system’s tools plan and manage marketing campaigns?

5. Strategy: Each customer’s order must provide information needed for strategy formulations.

About the Author:

Ira Smolev has worked with industry leaders since he began his career at IBM. In 1972, he joined Automated Marketing Systems, Inc., as Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President. Smolev’s current focus is the manufacturing and distribution company Presser Direct LLC, located in Los Angeles.


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