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The Health Benefits of Air Purifiers

An investor for more than 20 years, Ira Smolev has provided key funding to Presser Direct, LLC. Using Ira Smolev’s funding, Presser Direct manufactures and sells the Living Pure 4-in-1 Heater, which removes allergens and other particles from up to 1,000 square feet of room air.

Having an air purifier in the home benefits both allergy sufferers and those looking to improve their general health. Air purifiers work by filtering out the majority of particles that circulate in the air, thus preventing them from entering the respiratory system. This is good news for those who suffer from allergies to dust or smoke, both of which remain in the air for an extended period of time after their release.

The removal of these particles also helps non-allergy sufferers avoid health issues such as headaches and asthma, which can be exacerbated by the presence of harmful particles in the air. This is particularly true if one uses a purifier such as the Living Pure 4-in-1 Heater, which draws microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria out of the air as well. The health benefits are most noticeable when users provide effective ventilation and endeavor to keep known allergens out of the home.


Tips for Television Advertisers

An entrepreneur and investor, Ira Smolev founded a media and marketing company in 1974. For 17 years, Ira Smolev bought and sold commercial time on more than 40 local and national channels, including such popular networks as the Discovery Network, Lifetime, and American Movie Classics.

To effectively advertise on television, it is important to first understand that an average viewer needs to see a particular commercial between six and eight times before the message becomes memorable. This is crucial information for several reasons; first, it means that a purchase of one television spot is unlikely to be effective. In addition, for a viewer to see the same commercial multiple times, that commercial should appear in the same or related time block or during a related program. For example, an advertising message that airs at 10:00 a.m. during a children’s cartoon show is unlikely to reach the same audience as a commercial seen during a late-night talk show.

To identify the best slot or time block for a particular message, advertisers should first consider their target audience. The age bracket is a wise place to start. Businesses should also take into account the purchasing patterns of their customer base; for example, companies that experience the heaviest traffic on weekends may choose to advertise on Friday or Saturday. Those businesses can then contact stations or agencies to determine a package, a schedule, and the rate.

Analyzing the Results of a Database Marketing Promotion

After attending Brooklyn College and graduating from City College of New York, Ira Smolev began working at IBM as a systems engineer. He was responsible for installing the first IBM 360 computer. Ira Smolev eventually went on to become an executive at Automated Marketing Systems, Inc., a direct response database-marketing company. Database marketing allows marketers to measure and analyze the results of particular marketing programs. Understanding how to analyze the results of a marketing program helps professionals develop future programs that deliver a greater return on investment.

An important element of analysis is asking the right questions. Asking the right questions allows the marketing team to comprehend the data in a useful manner. Inquiries revolving around business results, customer behavior, and promotion performance should all be made. Analysis should take place to determine the amount of profit generated, the demographic that responded most favorably, and the cost of the program. Using the knowledge gained from analysis helps future programs perform better.

Ira Smolev: A Look at the Living Pure 4-in-1 Heater

Businessman Ira Smolev invests in a number of businesses, including Presser Direct LLC, a manufacturer of consumer products including the Living Pure 4-in-1 Heater.

An innovative product, the Living Pure 4-in-1 Heater is a small appliance that features a built-in heater, humidifier, air purifier, and air filter. It possesses the capability to effectively heat a 1000 square foot space evenly by drawing air in and pushing it back out at the preferred temperature using infrared technology. Additionally, the heater purifies and humidifies the air to create a comfortable environment. Unlike regular heating techniques, which cost hundreds of a dollar a year and heat unused areas, the 4-in-1 Heater heats lived-in areas.

The Living Pure 4-in-1 Heater is safe for children and pets and poses no fire hazard. The heater also heats rooms to the target temperature quickly while helping homeowners to save money by turning down their thermostats.

Ira Smolev: Minimizing Pollen and Other Allergens in the Home Environment

Building on more than four decades of industry experience, Ira Smolev leads Presser Direct, LLC. The firm focuses on the manufacturing and distribution of innovative products such as the (under development) Tower Rotisserie and the popular Living Pure 4 in 1 heater. The latter product effectively heats large spaces while humidifying and eliminating unwanted bacteria, pollen, and other causes of allergies and sickness.

Particularly during the spring and early summer months, pollen is a major concern for millions of allergy sufferers. Other causes of unexplained allergies include dust mites and pet dander. In addition to an air purifier such as the Living Pure 4 in 1 product, sensible precautions include utilizing mattresses and pillow cases that are impermeable to allergens. As an added precaution, sheets and covers should be washed with hot water on a weekly basis. Homeowners with dogs and cats will want to give their pets frequent baths and brush them off regularly outside of the house. Windows should be left open as much as possible to allow fresh air to circulate, except during high pollen season, when a closed-window approach is desirable. Creating a pollen- and allergen-free home environment is a positive first step in minimizing hay fever, asthma, and other allergies.

Ira Smolev: A Short History of AAU Basketball

During and immediately after his years studying engineering at City College of New York, Ira Smolev led a successful career in amateur basketball. He earned All City honors while playing in college, competed for three Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Championships, and won AAU All Star recognition three times.

This form of basketball got its start in the 19th century, after a group of amateur athletes founded the AAU. The organization’s first championship game occurred in 1897. Nearly 30 years later, the AAU held its first women’s championship. For much of the 20th century, AAU basketball rivaled professional and college basketball in popularity. Early on in its history, the group was even heavily involved with U.S. Olympic efforts.

Since the 1960s, interest in the AAU’s adult basketball programs has been less pronounced. After passage of the Amateur Sports Act in 1978, the organization successfully shifted its focus toward youth sports, where it still lies today.

Ira Smolev Puts Investment Weight Behind Presser Direct, LLC

Successful investor and advertising entrepreneur Ira Smolev’s latest venture is Presser Direct, LLC, a developer, manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of innovative consumer products, including the Living Pure 4-in-1 Heater and Air Purifier. The Living Pure 4-in-1 Heater not only heats up to 1,000 square feet of space, it also filters and purifies the air molecules, sterilizing and removing odors and allergy-causing pollen and bacteria. The Tower Rotisserie is another product being developed by Presser Direct. This product will be sold under a range of brand names by a variety of major retailers.

Ira Smolev began his business career as an innovative Systems Engineer with IBM before joining Informatics, Inc., as Vice President of Commercial Applications, then Automated Marketing Systems, Inc. as Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. In 1974, Mr. Smolev founded his own media and marketing firm. Under Mr. Smolev’s direction, the agency was a tremendous success, owning and selling blocks of time on more than forty national and local networks. Mr. Smolev sold the business in the early 1990s.